How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos and Video

If you hire a wedding planner or a makeup artist, they will probably share some insider secrets to help you look your best on you big day. But, for all of you who are taking care of all the details yourself, are some tips on how to ensure your photos and videos capture your good side. Yes, we can touch up some things with editing, but why not make our job easier? 😉

Stay away from the artificially-colored foods.

Yes, that colored frosting looks good and all the candy is calling your name, but steer clear until after the ceremony and you have your photos taken! Artificial colors will stain your lips, teeth, and tongue. Better to be safe than to have blue or green teeth in your bridal portraits (unless you like that sort of thing, then by all means–it was trending in 2018…) At your reception, feel free to eat what you want, it’s finally time to let loose and enjoy the party!

Be careful with using real flowers in your hair.

Flowers like Baby’s Breath are beautiful, but as they dry they break apart and start to look like dandruff. Use other flowers or even fake ones (especially is you’re concerned about getting bugs in your hair).

Powdered or airbrushed makeup is your friend.

Powdered or airbrushed makeup will help ensure that your face won’t get too oily in the photos. You want to glow for your photos, not shine! Pro tip: have a bridesmaid carry blotting paper to touch up any trouble areas.

Choose a good wedding photographer and videographer.

You can look like a million bucks, but if you have someone that does not know what they’re doing, they could light you incorrectly or not understand some angles are more flattering than others.

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