Unplugged Ceremonies: Trend, Inconvenience, or Necessity?

Unplugged ceremonies are a big thing these days. Couples will announce beforehand or as their guests arrive that no phones or cameras are to be out to take pictures or videos during the ceremony.

Does it really matter?

In short–yes. You’ve spent a lot of money to hire photography and videography teams to capture your ceremony. You want to see the groom’s expression as he sees his bride for the first time, you want to see the bride make her way down the aisle, and you definitely want to capture that first kiss as newlyweds.

But now, picture Aunt Karen stepping out into the aisle to get a better angle with her smartphone, or Uncle Bill setting off the flash with his new camera (blinding the professional photographer’s camera or overexposing the shot). Both have just ruined what may have been the only chance for the photographer/videographer to capture the moment. And there are no do-overs.

Just like there can be too many cooks in the kitchen, too many photographers can also be a bad thing, especially when everyone thinks they’re a photographer, but you’re only paying one.

By asking your guests to refrain from capturing the moments themselves, you will have ensured your guests will be able to enjoy the experience in-the-moment, while also making sure you have gotten your money’s-worth of unobstructed footage.

One last thing, don’t be shy about being unplugged–it’s your big day!

Photo credit: Thomas Stewart Photography

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